La Fiesta Guild of the Park Cities

La Fiesta Guild of the Park Cities supports La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas in all its efforts with particular emphasis on involvement of interested women, living in the Park Cities or the HPISD school district, in the various aspects, purposes, goals and fund raising of La Fiesta. Membership is available on an annual basis. Volunteer opportunities include the Gala, Luncheon, Social, Underwriting and La Fiesta committees.


Claire Baker     President
Kandi Tanner     Vice President - Directory
Beth Birdwell     Vice President - Tea
Amy Kovac     Vice President - Tea
Cheryl Chantilis     Secretary / Membership
Louise Hedrick     Secretary / Membership
Holly Toole     Treasurer
Mary Katherine Gill     Newsletter
Shannon Graham     Prospective Member Coffee
Lesley Ooley     Prospective Member Coffee
Alisa Sell     Nominating
Suzanne Brown     2023 La Fiesta Chair


  Susie Adams Lisa Laughlin
  Marla Boone Charleen McCulloch
  Suzanne Brown Cindy McGeoch
  Sandra Cude  Polly McKeithen
  Barbara Daniel Carol McPike
  Mary Deaver Carol Nelson
  Lillian Dona Stephanie Pinkston
  Michelle Duncan Debra Ropp
  Jill Goldberg Ginger Sager
  Dana Harkey Alisa Sell *
  Susan Holman Zora Skelton
  Amy Hughes Kari Wade
  Suzanne Humann Nancy Wechsler

Suzanne Laidlaw

Loyd Zisk

Janis Lamoreaux


* Immediate Past President