2019-2020 Board of Directors

Eloise Meachum *President
Elizabeth Gambrell *Vice President
Karen Keith *Secretary
Shannon Womble *Treasurer
Chris Palmer *Assistant Treasurer
Kim Quinn *Executive Committee Member at Large
Cindy McGeoch *Guild President
Ted Palles *Order of the Flags President
Missy Rothwell *Royal Order of La Fiesta President
Mary Deaver *La Fiesta Chair
Fran Matise *La Fiesta Chair
Melissa Rieman +Gala Co-Chair
Alisa Sell +Gala Co-Chair
Katherine Lewis  +Luncheon Co-Chair
Caroline Williams +Luncheon Co-Chair
Michaela Dyer +Social Co-Chair
Kay Herring +Social Co-Chair
Suzanne Brown +Underwriting Co-Chair
Meg Salter +Underwriting Co-Chair
Kasey Bevans +Corporate Underwriting Chair 
Ann Fielder +Corporate Underwriting Chair
Polly McKeithen *Past La Fiesta Chair
Kathy Sockwell +* Past President
The Honorable Margo Goodwin +Town of Highland Park Rep.
The Honorable Olin Lane +City of University Park Rep.
Kelly Walker HPISD Representative
Stacy Burke Member at Large
Shelby Bush Member at Large
Gina Florer Member at Large
Kelli Miller   Member at Large
Pauline Neuhoff Member at Large
Kristen Roberts Member at Large

Robin Wilson

Dana Wood

Member at Large

Member at Large

* Executive Committee Member                                                     +Non-Voting Member